As businesses struggle to recoup lost sales in the wake of the pandemic, marketers turn to social to meet two equally urgent imperatives: deliver short-term ROI with targeted performance marketing tactics while building innovative digital experiences that win long-term loyalty by bringing discovery, connection, and fun back to the customer experience.

A dramatic uptick in social media use presented a huge number of new opportunities for brands. Now, over 500 million people use the feature daily on Instagram, and more and more platforms are adding equivalent features.

That’s testimony of just how quickly we adopt new trends in social media.

These rapid changes present a whole new challenge for brands and social media marketers as they have to constantly review their existing strategies and pivot to add new types of content to their repertoire. Marketers continually have to keep an eye out for the latest trends influencing the future of social media and evolve accordingly.

We’ve put together some of the top trends to watch to help you adapt and grow:

  • 40% of consumers want to see more live video from brands.
  • More than 500 million users interact with Instagram Stories every day.
  • 51% of brands are already using videos in Stories, and the number will likely increase in 2021.
  • Virtual reality will become more popular on social media.
  • Augmented reality as a media trend.
  • Social commerce will continue to grow.
  • 54% of social media users research products using social media.
  • Social media referrals can influence the purchase decisions of 71% of users.
  • Purpose-driven campaigns to take center stage.
  • Inclusivity will matter more than ever.
  • 29% of all shoppers would switch to a brand that’s committed to inclusivity and diversity.

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