It doesn’t matter if your negative reputation is a true reflection of your product’s performance or a result of a smear campaign. Once your online reputation is spoiled, you’ll be considered as a no-go business and lose a lot of potential customers in no time.

Online Reputation Management is far more beyond than just managing and building a positive image for a brand or a personality. Online Reputation Management comes into play when a brand or a personality undergoes transformation, from lacking presence to creating an empowering one. Online Reputation Management is the core key that benefits brands and businesses at large and the outcomes are way more profitable than one can imagine.

Nowadays, consumers don’t shy away from raising their voice or giving valuable feedback for a product or service they have opted for. Brands or businesses need to be very cautious in dealing with critical feedback or a negative review for that instance. Businesses must lend a compassionate ear to the customers’ problem and resolve it immediately, bringing contentment to the customer. Gaining the trust of consumers must be the main objective of any online reputation management campaign.

Online Reputation Management’s primary goal is to ensure that your prospects and broader target audience see positive articles, reviews, and content about your brand when they search for it on Google (and other search engines). Key objective is to monitor your brand mentions and counter any negative content showing up in search results or social media.

Here’s a breakdown of what we cover in ORM strategy:

  • Evaluate your brand’s online reputation
  • Address inaccurate high-ranking content about your brand
  • Get featured on the top industry blogs to build credibility
  • Dominate SERPs with link-worthy long-form content
  • Optimize for ‘Alternatives’ and ‘Best Of’ keywords
  • Invest in link building to push down negative content
  • Launch on product hunt to get a reputation boost
  • Monitor brand mentions to protect your reputation
  • Feature customer success stories and testimonials
  • Interview niche influencers to reach a wider audience

Turn negative into positive with Online Reputation Management services by DMX. Create a variety of strong, unbeatable positive content array for your business.


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