Influencer marketing have seen exponential growth in part few years. The introduction of relatively new social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat has allowed businesses to target customers in a new manner. Influencer marketing offers huge growth in numbers, a lot higher than conventional marketing methods. However, it can be quite difficult to predict influencer marketing trends but it’s important to know where the industry is heading so you can prepare for the future.

It’s all about the long game. Perceptions can’t change overnight, and so in order to succeed when it comes to influencer marketing, it’s all about partnering with the right influencers on ongoing long-term projects, which will help to concrete trust in your brand.

Whether you’re thinking of incorporating influencer marketing into your brand strategy, or would like to achieve greater ROI from your existing efforts, DMX is here to help brands map out their digital strategies and get ahead of the curve,

Here's why Influencer Marketing is the need of time:

  • Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $13.8 Billion in 2021.
  • More than 240 new influencer marketing-focused agencies and influencer platforms established in 2019.
  • Finding influencers remains the most significant challenge for those who run campaigns in-house.
  • We believe micro influencers will rise, they are great for small or local brands as they typically have a limited reach.
  • Instagram remains the network of choice for influencer marketing campaigns, followed by TikTok on number two.
  • Employees and your esteemed clients are Influencers too, think this way and capitalize on them, awesome results are awaiting.
  • 56% of brands use the same influencers across different campaigns, which in some cases is not that effective.
  • 67% of brands use Instagram for influencer marketing. However, the percentage of brands using TikTok for influencer marketing is on rise.

We help you build and grow stronger relationships on social media.


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