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    Exclusively Local

    We drive all patients within a 20 mile radius of your practice, straight to you. 

    We drive all patients within a 20 mile radius of your practice, straight to you. And that’s our guarantee. Because unlike past, more potential patients are going online to find practitioners near them and this is where we come in.

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    Google Map Listing

    Gain instant visibility on one of the best web mapping service on the market.

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    PPC & Google Ads

    Secure top positions in search engines and let your potential patients find you faster.

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    Medical Website Design

    Mesmerize your patients with attractive and mobile friendly website and landing page designs.

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    SEO – Organic

    Grow your website rank and get located more frequently in online search results.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Always stay in front of your patient base through dynamic social media content.

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    Online Directory Listing

    Get listed on local directories and best of breed healthcare periodicals and magazines


    Double Your Patients

    Don’t rely on professional referrals and personal relationships alone. Employ DMX patient attraction engine to increase your online footprint.

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    What Sets Us Apart?

    We don’t expect you to trust us unless we have something really unique to offer. So here is what makes us stand out:
    1. With DMX your results are guaranteed else you get your money back.
    2. We drive patient growth at unimaginable prices.
    3. You only get leads that are local to you. We firmly believe in increasing conversion only and only through Geo-Targeting.
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    Results That Matter

    Your practice can really claim to be growing only if:
    • Your revenue increases by 70% within 6 months.
    • Appointment calls double within just under 3 months.
    • Conversion rate grows at a steady pace of more than 20%.

    DMX can and will help you achieve these targets.

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    How DMX works?

    This is how we convert leads to paying clients. And we know this works.

    • Understanding Your Expertise (Cardiologist, Audiologist, Dentist etc.)
    • Your Location & Geo Targeting Accordingly
    • Creating a Stellar Marketing Strategy
    • Enhancing Your Online Presence that Matters
    • Start Generating Local Leads for You
    • Tracking & Monitoring Your Results

    Where We Come In

    Gone are the days when medical practices used to thrive on professional referrals and personal relationships aloneToday 47% of patients go online to search for practices near them. In order for you to continue increasing your patient base and developing long term patient loyalty, it’s important that you build a strong presence online.

    That is where we come in and that to with only one obsession in mind. Convert random traffic into solid appointments. Local patients should come to you rather than to your competition.

    How we do that? Get in touch to learn how

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